How it all started

Wie alles begann

7-year- old Chris from Phoenix, Arizona had cancer, and his chances for recovery were unfortunately very low. But he had a big dream – to become a real police officer! His wish reached the ears of two Arizona highway patrol officers, and they carried out his dream without further ado. Chris was given a uniform, a child’s motorcycle, and a police badge, and was allowed to be a police officer all day.

After an exciting ride with flashing lights in a police car, Chris even accompanied his colleagues on a helicopter flight! Back on the ground, Chris was allowed to hand out parking tickets like a real police officer and stop pedestrians who were behaving illegally. The little boy was overjoyed and excited about his new role. For a few hours, he forgot about his difficult illness.

The mother of Chris and two policemen was touched by the joy of the baby, and they decided to help other sick children and fulfill their wishes. On the same day, April 29, 1980, they founded the Make-a-Wish Foundation®.

Today, the Make-A-Wish Foundation® is the world’s largest wish fulfillment organization. It operates in 50 countries as a national organization and every 16 minutes fulfills the heart’s wish of a seriously ill child somewhere in the world.