Our ambassadors

Alfons Haider

As a public figure, I always feel responsible for those who are not doing so well in their life. Helping sick children and young people is a wonderful job, and it gives me great pleasure.

More information at www.haider.at.

Uschi Fellner

I learn to appreciate the privilege of having a large family every day. Health is not a matter of course. That’s why I do everything I can to help those children who are not born on the bright side of the sun and am happy to be a Make-A-Wish ambassador.

Caroline Vasicek-Pfeifer

caroline vasicek-pfeifer

Caroline Vasicek-Pfeifer has released her second children´s song CD. Make-A-wish will receive 1 Euro donation for each sold CD. More information at www.carolinevasicek.at

Pia Douwes

I came to Make-A-Wish through my brother (CEO at Make-A-Wish Netherlands). I am grateful for what I have been able to do as an artist, and it is important to me to get involved in good causes.

More information at www.pia-douwes.com.

Edith Leyrer

Pia has taken me to Make-A-Wish. Children can always be genuinely happy, and the fulfillment of the heart’s desires is especially well received. I think it’s nice to give the sick children strength and confidence.

More information at www.edithleyrer.com

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