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The Angel

Andy was a talented young musician. He had cancer. His greatest heartfelt desire was to record a self-written love song. When volunteers from Make-a-Wish brought him the news that “Preiser Records” wanted to fulfill his dream, he at first found it hard to believe.

Thanks to the well-coordinated collaboration of Make-A-Wish sponsors and volunteers, Andy’s heart’s wish was fulfilled.

Since the Foundation of the Austrian Make-A-Wish Foundation, more than 1,500 children’s wishes have already been fulfilled. This was made possible thanks to the help of our volunteers. Your contribution is also important to help a child like Andy realize his dream and put a smile on his face.

How you can support us

  • You can try out the role of Wish registrators/Wish fulfiller. They visit the children, learn their heart’s desire with great sympathy, and fill out the necessary forms together with their parents and their doctor. In addition, they are responsible for implementing the wish , contacting the parents and, if necessary, seeking sponsors or organizing a supporting program to fulfill the child’s heart’s wish. In order to support in the area of Wish registration/Wish fulfillment, it is important to be able to deal well with children as well as to have creativity and organizational talent.
  • Become part of our Fundraising-Teams and help collect donations through various channels. They conduct Internet and telephone research or contact organizations or companies by agreement.
  • The Make-a-Wish Foundation can also be actively supported in the Event team. There are many tasks in this area, such as supporting the planning and implementation of events or organizing the events themselves.
  • Are you an active user of various social media platforms or you like working on a PC? Support our Digital Media-Team as a graphic designer for the homepage, newsletter, and/or social media, and help us bring touching stories about wish fulfillment and information about the Make-a-Wish Foundation to a wider audience.
  • Do you have another idea how you can support us? For example, as a photographer? Technical Support?… Anything what you are good at and want to support Make-a-Wish! Contact us – any help will be important to us!

Have we convinced you? Do you want to support us as a volunteer to fulfill the heart’s wish for seriously ill children or work in any other team?

Then contact the office of the Austrian Make-a-Wish Foundation! We will be happy to provide you with additional information and look forward to meeting you in person!

I want to support Make-A-Wish

To support Make-A-Wish, please use the form below or send your CV, including your home address and phone number to:

Barbara Gattringer
Tel: 01/378 07 28

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