Become a wish granter

This is how work at Make-A-Wish looks like

Here, thanks to Whatchado, who created these professional videos for us, you can get a glimpse of us and the work at Make-A-Wish.

Portrait of wish fulfiller Stefanie Berger


Stefanie has been volunteering for Make-A-Wish since January 2014 and, like many other volunteers, she is a wish fulfiller and part of the Make-A-Wish event team.

What is my personal ambition to work for Make-A-Wish:
I don’t think there’s anything more meaningful than giving children courage and a desire to survive in times of crisis. If you have only been there once to see a wish fulfilled and feel this joy, you won be able to stop giving your best to these kids! Because attention: Joy is contagious! ;o)

What I like / appreciate most about my charity work:
Happy, surprised, radiant children! Other than that I like organizing, communicating, planning, being creative, buying gifts and packing packages, working in a team, meeting new people, learning and growing beyond myself!

My motto in life:
Stay optimistic! Because optimists walk on the cloud under which the others mope!

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