FAQ Wish fulfillment

Which children get their wishes fulfilled?
Children between the ages of 3 and 18 who are being treated in an Austrian hospital for a critical illness. These include all oncological diseases, cystic fibrosis, ALS, severe heart disease, etc. A List of Diseases can also be found on this page. In addition, your child’s heart’s desire has not yet been fulfilled – whether by Make-A-Wish® or by any other organization.

What is the process of fulfilling wishes with Make-A-Wish®?
As soon as you decide that Make-A-Wish® can fulfill your child’s heart’s desire, we will ask you the most important information (your child’s name, age, and condition) over the phone and answer all questions that you have. As soon as possible, two of our volunteers will contact you to make an appointment, which may take place at your home or even in the hospital. At the first stage, we resolve all the formalities, such as permission to publish, etc. and give the child a “Wish Coin”, which symbolically means that we fulfill his wish. In addition, your child receives from us a “Wishbox”, which can be designed and collected there everything related to a heart desire. On the second date: thanks to the Wishbox, we get to know the child better, understand what is important for him and find out together with the child why various items, drawings, photos, etc. are in the Wishbox. This results in a heart’s desire! Usually this process of creating a wish takes about an hour.

As soon as we get the consent of the attending physician to fulfill your child’s wish, we will start organizing all the process!

Until the wish is fulfilled, our two volunteer will keep in touch with you, coordinate organizational issues, and answer your questions. During this time, our staff will also try to give your child different small tasks or include them in planning to increase anticipation.

How long does it take to fulfill my child’s wish?
The actual duration depends on many different factors (such as the wish itself, your child’s health, etc. ). Basically, we strive to fulfill your child’s heart’s wish as quickly as possible.

What can be my child’s wish and what can’t?
Basically, there is nothing your child can’t wish for. We will also make every effort to make the impossible possible. If the desire is not realized, we will look for a “Substitute Desire” together with your child.

However, there are several limitations: Make-A-Wish® does not fulfill such things as therapies, therapeutic equipment, treatment, and financial grants. In addition, we will not be able to fulfill desires that could lead us into conflict with the law, for example, weapons.

What if my child doesn’t know what he wants yet?
This is not a problem. Your child can think about it without haste. It is also possible to get inspiration from other fulfilled heart’s desires.

What if my child is too ill to fulfill his wish?
Of course, we are aware that some wishes may not be realized (immediately) because of your child’s illness. The consent of the attending physician is always required to fulfill the wish. Our strength lies in the creative search for solutions and at the same time in fulfilling your child’s heart’s desire (for example, after the end of therapy).

What expenses do I incur in the process of fulfilling the wish?
As a rule, none at all.

Make-a-Wish® also covers the cost of at least 1 accompanying person in the case of a trip. If other family members want to travel with us, additional funding will be considered for each Wish fulfillment separately.

Do you need information about a family’s financial situation?
No. The financial situation of families does not matter to Make-A-Wish®. We fulfill the heart’s desire of every child, regardless of their financial situation!

What data of my child will be published?
Since we want to fulfill the wishes of as many children as possible, this helps us when we can talk and write about fulfilling your child’s wish. At the same time, we only reveal your child’s name, age, state, and approximate name of the disease. Photos of your child’s unique wish can inspire other families to also contact Make-A-Wish®.

However, you don’t have to agree to publish if you don’t want to. There is no compulsion for this.

Just tell us at the first stages whether you agree to the publication or not.

What is the catch?
There’s no catch.

Make-A-Wish® is an international organization that seeks to fulfill the heart’s desires of seriously ill children around the world. We believe in the power of fulfilled heart’s wishes, because with their help we can give hope and joy. Your child’s shining eyes is the most beautiful gratitude for us!

Do you have any more questions?
Contact us and we will help you.

Barbara Gattringer
Tel: 01/378 07 28

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