Why a wish fulfillment?


We doctors do our best to help sick children, and especially in these stressful times, moments of happiness are of great importance to children and their families.

I am excited about what the Make-A-Wish Foundation is doing to our young patients, and the entire team is happy to see the glow in the children’s eyes when their heart’s desire is fulfilled..“

Prof. Dr. Eugen Hug, Medical Director EBG MedAustron GmbH. Foto: © Kästenbauer/Ettl

What could be more beautiful than bright children’s eyes – especially from children who may not have so much to laugh about?

Vanessa became a Make-A-Wish Wish Child

Vanessa Zirkus

Vanessa is 5 years old and has cancer. Even so, she is a bright girl with a great desire „to be once dressed as a dragon to dance with the clowns in the circus“.

Her heart’s desire has been fulfilled thanks to the support of hospitals, associations and organizations that introduced Vanessa to us. The time had come at the end of January 2013. Accompanied by the thunderous applause and laughter of the audience, Vanessa finished the clowning show at the Circus Safari with flying colours. Even hours after her performance, she could hardly believe it – her big circus dream came true.

Do you know a Wish Child?

If you know a severely ill child please, register with us! We are happy to hear about any heart’s wish that we can fulfill.